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Congratulations to director Curtis Norville, of On Point Films, one of our associates from the early days of Aston Vision, on the launch of their new film "BREAKING SILENCE"






a local community newsletter



We have taken the decision to amend some page content with the BEWARE CYCLISTS article, in the Autumn 2013 edition,as this has caused distress to some readers,for which we can only apologise and ask their forgiveness for creating the wrong impression with our wording. It has also meant that some local people did not receive a copy as the Committee decided to stop further deliveries.


SPRING edition 2010

SUMMER edition 2010


for Birchfields' Residents



Take a look at Mrs McGhie-Belgrave's SHADES of BLACK Project web site as she turns 80 October 2014

Heritage Lottery Funded project on World War I & II veterans.


©picture by Birmingham Post & Mail

Pride of Britain Award winner Mrs McGhie-Belgrave MBE meets Birmingham's Professor of Local history Carl Chinn at an exhibition in Stechford.

Shown below is SHADES of BLACK Help Project meeting the then Minister for the Third Sector, Phil Hope M.P, when he came to Birmingham in 2008 to inspect with Mrs McGhie Belgrave,MBE, an exhibition that was part of the Lottery Funded Project.



Set up in 1983 to offer multi-media training to inner City Youth, we now continue our mission, in our Media for Migrants programme, one of which was the "LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION project".at St Georges Church Centre, Newtown, Birmingham.

Pictured below is a member of our team, who has experienced the difficulties of settling into the host community.His story is told in our documentary on HEALTH CARE ACCESS funded by the Heart of Birmingham PCT, through the Digbeth Trust.







Other projects we have managed include IRANZAD MAGAZINE



This was our project's first web-site design

for schools, which scores thousands of hits





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Currently in Production-funded by Near Neighbours-Faith Stories,soon to be released.

2012-Aston Vision Association, received a silver award of £500 to promote cycling awareness and safety in the Birchfield area.


Faith Alive events 2011

Day for Older People organised by Birmingham LINk


PERRY HALL PARK Birmingham with children from St John Wall School.Click on the picture to see shots from the video.


click on the logo to find Perry Hall park


Sisters of Mercy, Birmingham UK Conference, for their founder,Catherine McAuley's Cause





Media for Migrants project




Newman Heritage at the Birmingham Oratory.

Pictured above is the splendid Cardinal Newman Library at the Birmingham Oratory, where the Fathers allowed us to make a documentary in 2007 for the Friends of Cardinal Newman as part of their awareness raising effort to preserve the Newman heritage.

View Present editor of Newman's Letters Book launch

Clerical Whispers Blog explains the Empty Grave

The 219th anniversary of Blessed John Henry Newman's death 2009 at Rednal

Pictures from Oratory Service to "translate" Newman's remains

News Views on the Cause to make Newman a saint


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Hope of Israel